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Many people consider ice cream to be a summertime treat. We strongly disagree. We are Stax Ice Cream, a handcrafted ice cream shop located in the heart of Chinatown in New York City. We produce our homemade premium ice cream using the freshest ingredients so that we can deliver you, our friends and family, the best-frozen dessert possible. Come in and try any (or all) of our ice cream flavors as well as our signature product, the Cremella (a hot pressed donut ice cream sandwich), and you’ll understand why we indulge in this treat year round

Cremellas –
Hot-pressed donut ice cream sandwiches

Ice Cream Cakes

Handcrafted ice cream in fun flavored waffle cones topped with themed macarons

handcrafted flavors

Fruity Pebbles

Matcha Green Tea

Cornflake Bourbon


Jasmine Milk Tea


Strawberry Creme


life’s too short to diet

word on the street

“With gimmicky dessert shops popping up on every corner, it is easy to roll your eyes as yet another ice cream shop which opens their doors in Lower East Side, NYC. However, I was blown away with the creativity, presentation, and quality of ice cream.”

– Courtney D.

“The ice cream is delicious. I was told by the owners that the ice cream is handmade to perfection. I tried nearly all of their flavors before settling for the half and half of Earl Gray and Jasmine on a glazed donut. But to be fair, all the flavors I tried are very much worth mentioning.”

– Sweenly L.

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